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Mount Pleasant Karate invites you to join us on a journey of growth and self-discovery. At our martial arts academy you’ll find high-quality karate classes in a culture of respect. Our community is devoted to instilling life skills in children and adults. Karate isn’t just about punching or kicking, it’s a way to develop strong character in a safe environment. Start being your best today!

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About Us:

Karate classes build a strong foundation of strength and discipline for all ages. While you learn to defend yourself, you’ll learn how to use your strength responsibly. It’s an individual martial art that allows you to foster humility and perseverance. While you compete, you gain a newfound level of respect for yourself and others that changes your worldview. Karate isn’t a temporary extracurricular activity either – you can continually train from adolescence into adulthood.

Mount Pleasant Karate is unlike any other karate academy. We are the low country’s only traditional martial arts school. This distinction adds an extra level of honor and prestige to the ranks that are earned. We offer an authentic training experience where students strive for achievement and work hard towards their goals. Your devotion is honored as much as your progress.

Our History:

Master Glenn Arnold established Mount Pleasant Karate in 2003 to improve the lives of others through martial arts classes. He started training over 40 years ago under the legendary Grandmaster C.S. Kim(Instructor to Chuck Norris). Today he shares his skills and passion for martial arts at his own studio. Mount Pleasant Karate is the area’s finest martial arts school winning Charleston’s Choice, Moultrie News Best of the Best, Best of Online Lessons, and many more year after year. Master Glenn’s proudest moments however have come with what Mount Pleasant Karate has been able to do to help others. The Mount Pleasant Karate board break -a- thon has raised over $25,000 dollars for Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. With an eye toward the future, Master Glenn strives to continue to change lives, and help his students on and off the mat.

Why It's Important

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Mount Pleasant Karate has been awarded numerous awards for our prestigious karate classes. We ensure high quality instruction while having fun.

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You’ll learn how to maintain peace while protecting yourself from harm.

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We pride ourselves not only on offering a traditional karate experience, but creating an environment rooted in mutual respect as well.

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The Mount Pleasant Karate community pushes each other towards success. Together we work towards becoming better athletes and individuals.

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Karate is a tool to become a better version of yourself physically and mentally. You’ll become more disciplined, humble, and focused after training.


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