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Master Glenn Arnold

Senior Instructor / Owner
7th Dan
Dan Number: 26350

I have been actively involved in martial arts for over 40 years.

It is my goal to share my knowledge with as many people as possible to improve the quality and length of their lives. I began my study of martial arts at the age of 10 with Grand Master Bo Kong who is a high ranking Tae Kwon Do instructor. I briefly studied Ishinryu Karate under Master Tom Devlin. I have been practicing Tang Soo Do for 4 decades. I have been fortunate to have studied this martial art under my Sa Bom Nim Grand Master C.S. Kim ( founder of the ITF) and instructor to Chuck Norris. I have received additional special training with Master John Gehosky.

Specialties: Tang Soo Do Instruction, Close and mid-range self-defense tactics, Joint locking and grappling.

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Master Crystal Estey

Sa Bom Nim Crystal Estey grew up in the dojang. Her mother who is currently a 6th degree black belt, signed them up in 1992 when Crystal was around three years old. Her mother not only trained but she worked and helped run the dojang. As a result,Crystal spent most every day at the dojang training and hiding under the desk. Both trained under Sa Bom Nim Hyuk Yoon Kwon, a current 9th degree black belt, he was more than just an instructor but a father to her. While in NY she trained and taught classes for many years until she moved to Charleston in 2014. She Started training with Sa Bom Nim Glenn Arnold as well as teaching for him for almost a decade as he has been a great mentor to her. In 2016 she traveled to South Korea to test for her 4th degree master level and in 2022 she traveled to Tula Oklahoma for her 5th degree black belt. Her classes emphasize on detail, connecting the breath to the waist creating power from within along with developing speed, strength, agility and accuracy through cross training and drills. SBN Kwon her instructor taught her, Neh Gung Weh Yu which in his words; humble outside, strong inside.

Kyo Sanim Mohammed Daoud

Master Diane Bise

Sa Bom Nim Diane Bise began her martial arts journey in 2007 with her two daughters, Natalie (2nd Degree Black Belt) and Christine (1st Degree Black Belt). Highly intrigued by the Martial Arts and Eastern culture, Diane embraced her training, and excelled in rank through the years. She became a Kyo Sa (Certified Instructor) in 2010, and an integral part of the MPK class curriculum. In addition, she assisted Master Glenn Arnold for over 10 years in the after-school programs at Mt. Pleasant elementary schools. Diane holds the distinction of being Master Glenn Arnold’s first student at MPK to go from White Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt (Master level). Her favorite quote from Eastern wisdom (and from Master Arnold when she signed up for her first lesson): “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”

Mount Pleasant Karate Martial Arts Instructors

Kyo Sa Nim Jack Pretorius

3rd Dan
Dan Number: 60444

Ever since I was in elementary school, I always had a drive to be strong and stand up for myself, both physically and socially. I started training with the World Tang Soo Do Association until I reached blue belt, at which point the Charleston studio closed down. Then, I found Mount Pleasant Karate and the International Tang Soo Do Association, run by Master Glenn, and have been training with him for over 10 years now. With Master Glenn’s teaching, I have gained more confidence and competence than I could’ve ever imagined. Once a shy, socially awkward kid, I’m now teaching my own classes at the studio and leading numerous after-school karate programs at elementary schools. I can envision teaching karate as a permanent career, and I love helping students better themselves, gain confidence, and become stronger and able to defend themselves, just as I always wished for when I was younger. It truly is a pleasure to have this opportunity, and I can’t be prouder of the students I teach.

I’m looking forward to continue improving myself as well, as I am soon to test for Sa Bom Nim (4th degree black belt)!

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Kyo Sa Nim Mohammed Daoud

Kyo Sa Nim Daoud has been practicing Tang Soo Do with Master Glenn for over 12 years. He brings boundless enthusiasm and a sincere desire to help each student to every class. In his spare time, Kyo Sa Nim Daoud is working with at risk youth in North Charleston every Tuesday. They are learning Tang Soo Do and it’s most important component respect. Kyo Sa Nim Daoud provides an excellent example for all students.

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